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[23 Aug 2017] In light of the recent public outing of Chris Clavin (Plan-It-X Records / Ghost Mice) as an abuser and predator, I feel the need to let y'all know that I have absolutely no love for Chris and any of his projects. I've supported and have been part of the Bloomington IN punk scene in the past and know many of these folks personally. I've slept in Chris' driveway for days and seen him around for years. I've ran free ads for Plan-it-X on Many Bloomington punks and Plan-it-X label-mates have yet to make any public statements regarding their stance on the situation. And, per usual in these sorts of situations, many Plan-It-X-heads are coming out of the woodwork to support Chris in his "time of need" to publicly let him know how much they love him and how much he "changed their life." Now is not the time to focus on Chris and his experience. Now is the time to support (and believe) all of the survivors (as more are coming forward). Sure, if you're Chris' close friend and you feel the desire to offer him support, in the way of moving toward therapy or whatever, do that. But, PLEASE, don't passively support his actions by not saying anything. PLEASE don't perpetuate rape culture by showing your support for Chris publicly, or continuing to distribute your music through Plan-It-X, or just staying silent. Come forward, make a statement, let survivors know they have your support. Show some fucking solidarity.


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