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I'd love to include info about other countries.
Tell me what you know at neil[at]dodiy[dot]org!

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Punks & Criminals: Publicity, Booking, Presence
Electric cello swerves and jumps around beat boxing and electric piano in this Quirky Pop.!!
JE double F
Electro folksongs about social war & relationships, written by Neil Campau.

Since I last talked to you concerning the completion of spring cleaning, I've made more updates in NY, MT, MI, NJ, TX, CT, OR, Nova Scotia, AL, PA, Quebec, KY, South Korea, IL, WA, GA, OK, BC, UT, Manitoba, Australia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Alberta. Enjoy. DONATIONS ARE WELCOMED WITH WARM KISSES AND EXTREME GRATIFICATION. best, NEIL [14 July 2014]

This website has existed since 2007, born out of need after the demise of several comparable pages on the internet. Since then, the site has existed to support DIY venues, promoters, musicians, performers, speakers, artists, and activists who were looking for like-minded folks around the world. catalogs event spaces and promoters that embrace a DIY ethos. Mainly, all aspects of this site are handled by one person. It's been 7 years and the site keeps growing. You can help by donating a little cash or sending me information about people and places that I don't already know about. I promise not to list anyone without talking to them first.

If you're a space and/or individual with a DIY ethos & you organize events (or would like to), I'd love to put you on the list.

Email me at neil[at]dodiy[dot]org.

Please include the following:

  • City, State/Province/Region, Country
  • Name of the place or person or whatever
  • URL, if you have one
  • a little blurb
  • the best way for people to reach you

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