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Who runs this thing?

DoDIY was founded in 2007 by Neil Campau, who put in countless hours of work for many years to create the expansive resource you see before you. Neil passed the site onto Alyssa Giannini in January of 2019. Andy Waldron signed on as the site’s janitor in June of 2019. Alyssa keeps the website up to date and Andy keeps social media active and relevant.

About Alyssa

hey! my name is alyssa giannini (they/them) & i've been stoked on DoDIY since i first heard about it in 2010. archiving & DIY community are near & dear to my heart, so maintaining this site is a dream come true. my DIY life consists of attending many early gigs, writing letters, making art & zines & music. i like to garden & forage & i have a fairly ridiculous houseplant collection. i'm too organized for punk! i have the spreadsheets to prove it.

my punk rock CV: i've been photographing shows since 2003 & someday i'm gonna put out a photo book. i have a filing cabinet full of flyers from gigs past, & have made more flyers than i can count. i co-organized the olympia zine fest from it's inception in 2015 thru 2018 & i've written pretty ceaselessly about DIY in my own zines since 2011. Do DIY helped me get my start booking shows, which i did with silly frequency & little assistance for 2 solid years before burning out. these days i mostly play shows, and host a seasonal sober open no mic.

i have a website where you can follow the things i do in addition to do diy.


Valdosta DIY House Podcast Interview

2019 spring playlist by alyssa

About Andy

hi hello! my name’s andy waldron (he/him) and i am DoDIY’s janitor. i am very much a swiss army knife . . . i’ve directed a festival called OnPoint, started a monthly open mic at my alma mater, i play and book shows, design flyers, record and produce, write copy, you name it!

in may of 2019, i reached out to see if alyssa could use any help maintaining this vital space, focusing on o u t r e a c h. after several video chat convos, reading up on everything from china martens’ future generation zines to the kind of work the creative independent’s currently doing, and navigating subjects like “using s*cial m*dia mindfully” and “participatory structures”, we came up with some ways to think about what a DIY Website in 2019™™™ is and what it can be.

to make that happen, my job is to post, write copy, and reach out to folks to do these things: showcase the very real work we’re all putting in, archive a history to look back and learn from, emphasize that DoDIY can be as much of a //prompt// as it is a //resource//, and ensure all this reflects the analog history of sustaining a community irl. in fewer words, making alyssa’s life easier!

2019 summer playlist by andy

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