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Other Resources: Humboldt DIY

Outer Space Arcata
100% volunteer run DIY music and art collective in Arcata. We're currently in limbo searching for a new location after being forced out of our original space, in the meantime we're hosting limited shows at other venues in Arcata and Eureka until we can find a new location where we can have an all ages safer space featuring music shows, and reopen our art gallery, local artist gift shop, and radical zine and book library. [at] outerspace on facebook and instagram / outerspacearcata [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 02 March 2022


Other Resources: The List BAY AREA WTF | Reprographixxx Print Room: Hole-in-the-wall community printing inside Long Haul Infoshop, with an emphasis on D.I.Y. Risograph printing for posters, flyers & zines.

Long Haul Infoshop
For 27 years the long haul infoshop has provided an open door for radical ideas to be shared between people through print media, art, music, and conversation. At the infoshop you don't need to "be cool" or know anybody, just tap in!! Call 5one0-5four0-0seven51 during open hours. We can't host live music currently.
Last Updated 09 May 2023


Other Resources: Chico Underground Show Info

Far From Normal Productions
I run a small DIY production company in Chico California that books and promotes local and touring bands in the surrounding northern california area. I focus primarily on creating safe spaces for queer and minoritized groups. We also focus alot of fundraiser and donation events to help spread awareness about important causes and helping pay local AND touring acts.
Last Updated 14 April 2023


Other Resources: Good And Weird Davis KDVS Events UNDIETACOS


Other Resources: Humboldt DIY

ShaneSaw McLewd Presents
Have a couple spots I can book at. Bars/Indoor Skate spot. Mostly All Ages. Specialize in Punk, Thrash, Metal, Folk Punk, Ska, mostly on the heavier side but can possibly work with you depending. 100% NOT looking to make $$$$. Just wanna help touring bands in need. Best to contact thru FB (linked) but email also works: shanesawmclewdpresents [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 18 April 2022


The Great Room
The Great Room is based on University Presbyterian Church of Fresno’s campus - a progressive church that accepts people of all sexuality, race, and walks of life. The Great Room is run with no overhead (courtesy of the church) and by volunteers. We book both local and touring acts and all door sales go to them. The space is alcohol/drug-free, zero tolerance for hateful speech, and zero tolerance for violence towards others/the space. While we can’t provide a space to sleep, we can offer a parking lot and restrooms/showers. Entrance has easy access for loading in and for listeners to enter. Large parking lot. Contact: greatroomshows [at] gmail [dot] com / IG (linked)
Last Updated 09 May 2023


KCSB-FM is a non-commercial, independent, educational radio station at UC Santa Barbara. We're a 24/7 college, community run broadcast that spans from San Luis Obispo down to Camarillo. We care about supporting DIY, especially prioritizing queer, BIPOC artists. If you'd like to perform on the air, gauge interest in being interviewed, would like to send us music, or contact us about potentially arranging a DIY show in Isla Vista, we'd love to talk. Contact: promotion [at] kcsb [dot] org or via the contact page on our website.
Last Updated 22 March 2023


Burgerwolf Promotions
I book Friday & Saturday at The Britisher which is 21+ & we have a payout for bands. All genres welcome. I also book at a Brewery in Palmdale, CA called Transplants Brewing. I'd be the contact for all the DIY shows there as well. We book all days except Wednesdays, our availability there is very limited but we can accommodate bands depending on what's on the calendar. That's an all ages venue & we do a door split, guarantees are negotiable. All genres welcomed as well. Contact via IG (linked) or burgerwolfav [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 10 March 2022

Long Beach

Fannin Studios
We run a DIY house venue/studio and offer a place to play, sleep, record, and practice (though we are usually booked 3-4 months in advance) we also offer video work for touring bands! Kinda like a DIY version of Audiotree or Little Elephant sessions. We do these session in our venue (Fannin sessions) or in our Van (Vannin sessions)! My name is Dylan Tarver & you can message us on FB (linked above) or text me at 8one7 - 87six - 9six76!
Last Updated 02 March 2022

Los Angeles

Other Resources: LA DIY

DIY rap and music community- we welcome all!! Contact: rar3housebookings [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 10 December 2019

Sleezehog Productions
Now on an INDEFINITE HIATUS. Formerly, a DIY promoter run by Q/POC focused on booking and curating events that celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Although we are inactive, at this time we may offer resources and support to bands/artists who identify as a queer or QPOC. Contact us at sleezehogproductions [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 08 August 2023


Other Resources: The List BAY AREA WTF DIY SF Bay Area

Local Bands: Adam Balbo

Orange County

Local Deadbeat Agency
Local Deadbeat Agency books shows in Orange County, CA (and some various other socal spaces). Primarily Fullerton, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa. No genre restrictions. 90% all ages venues. We also produce merch, music (cassettes/vinyl) and anything else we can do to help musicians. Contact through IG: @LocalDeadbeatCA
Last updated 8 June 2021


Amber Rindosh
Do It Yourself Promoting. I have been highly influenced by older punk rock bands since i was a teenager. I listen to bands like Social Distortion, The Ramones, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Dropkick Murphys exc. Mostly older hardcore punk rock but i love the mellow stuff also and classic rock as well. I will book any genre though. I don't judge any one for their sex,religion or race or for anything. I love the scene and would like to get more bands here and different stuff not the same old stuff in Redding every show. I am willing to donate my last cent to helping bands and shows. I will do what i can do help the scene and make sure it doesn't just die out. Contact on FB or arindosh [at] yahoo [dot] com
Last updated 8 June 2021


Gala Nights, organizer Michelle N. Martinez
Non-profit organization that brings community together through music and self-expression, raises money for various causes. We throw mainly benefit shows in the Inland Empire. Contact via IG (linked above).
Last updated 02 March 2022

Other Resources: Chico Underground Show Info


Other Resources: Sacramento Punk Shows, UNDIETACOS

San Diego

The Che Cafe
The Che Cafe is a completely volunteer/student run space on UCSD's campus, since 1980. This is an all ages sober space that hosts diy music events, movie nights, clubs, and really any other kind of event. Temporarily closed due to the pandemic--open again and now hosting shows as of September 2021 onward. Meetings in person and on Zoom Mondays at 7pm. Also has a sizeable zine collection and a vegan kitchen. Community members and UCSD students can fully participate in the space. This is a anti-hierarchical collective that makes decisions via unanimous consensus. New members always welcome. Contact: info [at] checafe [dot] org
Last Updated 25 November 2021

Red Brontosaurus Records
Records, video game and music shop which we transform into a show space or meeting space. if you're traveling through come to us with a lineup, we are not booking agents and we promote through the store. bands, poetry, readings, political/personal action, comedy, film... all donations go to the performers. bands, labels, publishers, authors, diy noisemakers get in touch for direct sales to the shop. Contact: redbrontosaurusrecords [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 25 July 2021

San Francisco

Other Resources: The List BAY AREA WTF DIY SF Bay Area

San Jose

Other Resources: Local Band: Funny Face

Adobe Books
adobe books is a cooperative and soon to be non-profit focusing on community events, art openings and musical happenings. based in the mission district since 1989, we host all types of music or noises- with matinee shows, workshops, with the latest running until 10pm. donations taken at the door for touring bands. we can only do a few things a week, mainly on weekends as we function in the day as a used bookstore. contact: adobebooksevents [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 29 July 2022

Joy Gallery
Joy Gallery hosts music shows. A safe space that welcomes everyone. We mostly have our events on Saturday evening, however, we are open to hosting on Fridays, and possibly Sunday (early shows). To to make their show a little more unique, acts have an oppurtunity to personalize the space to suite their band or other musical project. I have a full PA, some mics, etc...we can be loud. All door money is for the bands. Although we are pretty cool for our age, we aren't as connected as we once were in our 20s. we highly encourage all acts to promote! Unfortunately our bathrooms are not wheelchair accessable. Contact: joygallerysf [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 09 June 2023

Twin Peaks Sessions
San Francisco founded music collective, hosting recorded sessions, and scattered gigs across the Bay Area (from outdoor popups to independent venues). Contact Mike: twinpeakssessions [at] gmail [dot] com or IG: twinpeakssessions
Last Updated 10 March 2022

Word. A Cafe
Word is a small, eclectic space for music, art, poetry, and comedy located in Bayview San Fransisco. We serve locally-sourced pastries, salads, housemade-soups, sandwiches, cocktails, wine, and beer. The space is open for all kinds of performances, just get in contact with me at cartercmckenzie [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 02 March 2022

Santa Barbara

Other Resources: sbdiy

TBD Presents
Radio show at KCSBfm in Santa Barbara specializing in hosting DIY musicians live in studio and event organizing in the Santa Barbara / Ventura areas. Contact thru IG (linked) or tbdpresents [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 02 March 2022

Shasta County

Renee Demented Designs presents
Demented Designs presents, books bands and artists in the Shasta County area. We have a few venues we work with. We do all genres and have the ability to do All Ages shows. We like to pair touring bands with Locals to make a full show. Contact thru IG (linked) or Email: dementeddesignsoc [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 17 January 2023

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