Second Home All Ages DIY


An all ages DIY music, art & community space-to-be in Olympia, WA. Dreaming about an ADA accessible space with covid safety precautions in place, booking around town and doing what we can in the meantime.

What is Second Home?

Second Home is a group of friends working toward creating a youth-centered all ages venue/art/community space in downtown Olympia. While we love and appreciate our town’s existing venues, we feel the importance of an option that emphasizes anti-capitalist, DIY and community ideals. Physical accessibility and covid prevention are vital. Some folks don’t feel comfy attending gigs at bars/alcohol-focused venues, or are barred by age restrictions. We love house shows/underground venues but they can be daunting and also hard to find. We envision a safe, welcoming home for folks of all backgrounds to participate in DIY music/art/film/zines/etc.

What will the space be like?

Second Home will host all manner of gigs, film screenings, zine readings, art shows and anything else folks might want to present. Events will begin in an early and timely manner, and end early so folks who aren’t night owls can participate. All events will be NOTAFLOF (no one turned away for lack of funds). Booking will be transparent and open to all who volunteer (we will provide assistance and training prior to first-timers). We will also host a zine library with regular hours and provide arts and crafts materials and instruction. We hope to fund the project through patreon, merch, compilation albums, benefit gigs, etc - in service of allowing artists to keep all or most money collected at the door. 

What are we doing currently?

We are officially a nonprofit LLC! We are working to raise both awareness of our project and funds to get a space operational. We are presenting a series of benefit gigs, dinners, movie nights, as well as tabling at community events. We are also booking gigs for touring folks at existing venues. There are a number of fine consumables in the works- t-shirts, patches, pins, zines, compilations.

Our covid precautions:

We are looking for venues where we can reliably require & enforce masking for shows (ADA accessible & free/cheap preferable). Please drop us a line if you have ideas! You can add attn:Alyssa to your email subject when reaching out if you're unfamiliar with a venue and want a covid risk run-down (or accessibility details) of the place.

The goal is to have our own ADA accessible space where we can always require masks and purify the air. Unfortunately, some of the venues we book in until then may not always make it possible to enforce a masks required policy. We will require masks whenever possible, provide masks and air purification courtesy of Clean Air Oly at every show.

Wanna support us??

Come to a gig and introduce yourself!! Spread the word about us! Fill out this volunteer interest form! Some possible volunteering things include: designing flyers, posting flyers around town, running door or sound, mask donations (KN95 or better). Probably other stuff! We'd love to hear from you.

We'll be working on a kickstarter type thing & a patreon account soon. Wanna help us naviagte nonprofit stuff?? Drop us a line!

email us - instagram @secondhomegigs second home on bandcamp

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Events (always all ages!)

Second Home events are always all ages, usually $10 NOTAFLOF (no one turned away for lack of funds). They generally start around 7 and are over by 10. We almost always have free ear plugs and masks available. Events will feature air purification courtesy of Clean Air Oly.

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Send us an email at ! We try to respond to as many gig requests as we can, if you haven't heard back in two weeks we likely can't swing your date. No booking agents, no rock stars. We are excited about indie, pop, and punk especially but open to other genres. DIY ethos please!

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To contact us with feedback, criticism, questions, ideas, etc:

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