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The Anarchist Library

Antiquated Future

Black Powder Press

Brown Recluse Zine Distro

Bud Tapes

Care Over Cops

Cat Moth Crow

Clean Air Club Chicago

Community Justice Exchange

Community Print

Craft or DIY

East Falls Zine Reading Room

EGYHOP Olympia

Gender Reveal

It's Going Down

Jigsaw Records

Liminal Spaces

Little Black Cart

M Deetz Mixing & Mastering

Maximum Rocknroll

Musical Fanzine

Neither Nor Zine Distro

NYC Noise

P.W. Elverum & Sun

Pioneers Press

POC Zine Project

Queer Zine Archive Project

Quote Unquote Records

Second Home

Sprout Distro

Sugarloaf Resource Center

Terry's Serendipity Cafe

Trans Assistance Project

Unicorn Riot

Zamboni Casino

Here's some DoDIY sponsors:!! Scranton Punk Rock Flea and Zinefest So Big Auditory: Recording, mixing & mastering in Philadelphia, PA Mastering engineer Joseph Salazar: synth music

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