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Kompsognathos DIY Shows
DIY political music group against discriminations. Contact via FB (linked above).
Last Updated 20 June 2019


'Steki sto Biologiko' is a squat in the University campus of Thessaloniki. In November 2017 we celebrated its 30th anniversary. Throughout the years it has been occupied and used by a range of autonomous collectives, student groups and anarchists. 'Biologica' is the current name of the concert collective, which has been active for the last 11 years in the squat and is organizing music gigs, concerts and benefit shows. We function based on the principles of D.I.Y. and self-organization. We do not like to distinguish roles among bands, audience and organizers, we are against hierarchy, sexism and fascism. The people and bands we choose to collaborate with, are like-minded, they oppose to the music industry and abstain from commercial production labels and the 'star system'.

On the more technical side; we book 2-3 gigs/month, which are organized by Biologica and 1 benefit gig, which most of the times is organized in collaboration with other collectives. We are equipped with full Back Line and PA systems, listed in our Tech-Rider form, which we send to the bands after we confirm the booking. Our gigs start at 23:00 and the sound-check takes place from 20:00 to 22:00. What we can offer to the bands are: transportation money (the amount varies depending on the needs of each band), a warm place to sleep, vegan food. Also list gigs at Contact: biologica666 [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 10 March 2019


The Greenbridge Space is a DIY performance & hosting space in Trikala, central Greece. Our intention is to support new artists, committed amateurs, anyone who wants to perform in front of an audience and has not had the opportunity to do so. We are open to hosting one-off gigs, or short residencies. Contact: space [at]
Last Updated 06 February 2024

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