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This will never-ever be a pay site, but any and all donations are very appreciated. DoDIY.org is maintained by one person who spends countless hours trying to keep this epic resource as up-to-date as possible.

The donations will go toward paying for the website's domain and hosting, anything left over will reimburse me for my labor on the site (and hopefully someday there will be enough to pay some helpers). If it's any consolation, my day job is making zines and other DIY stuff, so any money you put in here will support DIY endeavors in one way or another.

Please consider supporting this site! Here's some ways:

Paypal donations can be made to alyssa [at] dodiy [dot] org
Venmo donations can be made to @dodiy
Become a patron Pledge between 1 & 10 bucks a month, & get goodies in the mail if you want.
Become a sponsor! This is like becoming a patron, except you get a lil ad on the site (see below).

Here's some DoDIY sponsors:

5...4...3...2...fun!! Need help with tour lodging? Let hosts invite you to sleep at their place! Free for artists & hosts!Recording, mixing and mastering by Michael Briggs in Denton, TXSo Big Auditory: Recording, mixing & mastering in Philadelphia, PA

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