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Paulys [18+]
My name is J Krak. I've lived in Upstate NY my whole life. I got into punk & HC in the early 90s. I've been booking shows & playing in bands since 1996. I currently can book shows 7 days a week at Paulys. It is 18+ w/ ID. I like to book punk, hardcore, metal, nwobhm, rock n roll, post-punk, electronic, oi, garage, surf, shoe gaze, deathrock, reggae, indy, blues, doom, as long as you bring it! Keep it original & I'm happy to help out. 946Jkrak [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 13 July 2019


Bard College - SMOG and Root Cellar
2 venues at Bard College to suit ur many needs! SMOG is a garage space with room to dance and rock loud. Root Cellar is smaller and cozier but can accommodate most kinds of shows! Both are entirely student-run, very sweet safe spaces. Bands get paid! smog: ad7685 [at] bard [dot] edu // root cellar: smogbard [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 06 December 2021


185668232 [MEET]
Multimedia Performance Art Live Vapor Glitch Noise Avant Abstract Alchemical Activist, "185668232" (inc.) was formed in Philadelphia in 2009 and relocated for its' 10th anniversary to NYX. The un-non-profit (working on the papers atm) has been part of DODIY.ORG & operating under different names, venues and cities since that time - check out the zine about how to do this yourself. 1856682322 now has 2 monthly residencies at esteemed Bushwick DiY/DiT operated / pro-gear venues. Promotion works best if 185668232's live on event for many collaborative reasons. In addition but rarely required, my full range A/V projection system's available for-same deal for radicool space parties at a fabulously transitioning rate + 185668232 on the show! Verified an ambassador for several sustainable DiY owned & consumed companies, 185668232 has been through acoustic outsider minimalism to tech heavy harsh noise wall with several folk/rock side project bands all the time - iAM qualified to help route you through the community circuit though iCome with a guarantee/budget. HmU. Follow. Subscribe. Join. Contact: booking [at] 185668232 [dot] org / or use form.
Last Updated 04 January 2020

Booked by Grandma
We book shows that primarily focus on bands made up of non-straight cis white men. We like punk, indie rock, pop, synth, shoegaze & acoustic acts. We try to stay DIY whenever we can but are comfortable working with venues as big as The Knitting Factory. bookedbygrandma [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 31 January 2019

Cafe Beit
We do small acoustic shows that are on the quiet side Thursdays-Saturdays. Shows are also on the early side 6-9pm. We have a small PA system. The space is good for singer/songwriters. For consideration please send us your music & date(s) you are looking to perform. We can provide a tip bucket & a free drink to each performer. Contact: events.cafebeit [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 8 March 2019

M. Noah
I'm a multi-instrumentalist in a punk band called Coffee Nap and arts organizer based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! I organize DIY all ages shows at a number of venues in North Brooklyn and out on Long Island, including the Park Church Co-op. I'm also coordinating a zine and art show titled NO BYSTANDERS dedicated to addressing the issues of harassment and abuse in local music scenes. Always looking for new people to collaborate with and set up show swaps. Open to any style except metal really. Contact: mnowomusic [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 10 November 2021

Sunday Dinner Potluck
Every week we have SUNDAY DINNER at 7:30pm & you are invited! There's always a different theme. You could bring food to share, ingredients to cook together, or just yourself! Sun ONLY
Last Updated 20 February 2017


Alaysa Dale (Ballzy)
Currently looking to book Stoner/Sludge, Doom, Hard Rock, Alternative & Grunge bands, although I'll try to help any band where I can. I also put up bands granted we make prior arrangements & no more than 5 guests at a time. ifeelthewave23 [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 13 July 2019

The Juicebox
The Juicebox is a dry space that can accommodate acoustic/stripped down acts. Also hosts performance/art outside music. Touring acts always paid out. Can provide place to sleep/shower/etc. Anti-racist, Anti-transphobic, you get it. Contact: juicebox716booking [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 29 December 2021

SickboY ProductionZ
We are a promotions / event company which throws concerts & other events in the Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockport & Rochester NY areas. We book local, regional & national acts. We do the majority of our booking by phone. Please feel free to drop us a line by phone at 7one6 90eight 7three77. Calling is preferred & all calls will go directly to Mark who is in charge of SBP. If a call is missed, please leave a message, calls are ALWAYS returned. We also have email, which is sickboyproductionzinc [at] gmail [dot] com which when sending an email please put the name of the bands or tour name, dates & links for any music. Please do not text unless you are from out of country (Canada, Mexico, etc), or if you can't call for some reason. We can possibly give guarantees to touring bands. All genres are appreciated & accepted, especially hip hop, punk, ska, metal & older-styled hardcore.
Last Updated 13 July 2019

Soup Of Dissent
Soup is donation based with all the donations going to the touring band(s), we primarily book anything that falls under the punk/rock/emo/hc umbrellas but love to see a mixed band bill and are open to hosting any type of shows! We have plenty of couch/floor space if anyone needs a place to crash, whether they’re playing our house or a nearby venue or just passing through :) Contact: aly [dot] soup [at] aol [dot] com
Last Updated 28 November 2019

Yace Booking
We are the in-house bookers for Nietzsche's and Milkie's on Elmwood. In addition, we do book one-offs at Mohawk Place, Sugar City, DBGB's and Lockhouse Distillery. We program Wednesdays-Saturdays every week, but are willing to do Sunday, Monday, Tuesday if the band has some buzz or comes to us with two locals already signed on. yacebooking [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 13 July 2019


The Squatch Den
We are a brand new record store, photo studio, PR agency and radio station all in one house for one reason: to be the ultimate destination for everything music. We are hoping to book shows. Contact: hisrawk [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 05 August 2021


Last Call Entertainment [T] [FB] [IG]
Last Call Entertainment is an event planning and promotions company that began at the State University of New York at Fredonia in 2015. We create a platform for musicians to promote their artistic abilities in a medium that is cost efficient for new talent and consumers. We book shows at Mohawk Place (Buffalo), Sugar City (Buffalo), various house venues in Buffalo, Blacks Jacks (Fredonia), The North Pole Strip Club (Fredonia), various locations in Fredonia. We promote local music. We promote local art. We promote expression. Contact: lastcallmgmt [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 10 December 2019

The North Pole Strip Club [FB] [IG]
The North Pole Strip Club (NPSC for short) is located on the edge of the SUNY Fredonia campus, a well recognized music school. We are primarily donation based but always find a way to pay the bands fairly. We welcome local and touring bands and are open to all genres of music but mostly host Indie-Rock/Alt-Rock/Hard-Rock/Emo/Punk/Math-Rock/Rap/Folk music. We are always willing to house bands if you're playing or passing through and have lots of couch/floor space. Contact: lastcallmgmt [at] gmail [dot] com or any of our socials.
Last Updated 10 December 2019


The ElectroZone
The ElectroZone is Ithaca’s hub for experimenters and electro-musicians. We are a pop-up event series devoted to DIY electro projects. Constantly exploring what it means to put on a show EZ events are devoted to crafting an experience and blurring the line between audience and performer. ithacelectrozone [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 13 August 2019

Johnson City

Avenue D.I.Y
Avenue D.I.Y is an all ages, drug & alcohol free community art space. We welcome all types of creatives to exhibit, perform, or create original artwork. We have had a variety of shows and events occur at the space within the last year & a half. The space features individual studios for people to rent out, along with a kitchen area, game room, living room area, & more. *Temporarily closed, but If anyone is interested in booking in the Johnson City/Binghamton area, we can help you book at other venues, take a step in the right direction. Contact FB page (linked above) for help and more information.
Last Updated 13 July 2019

New Paltz

Lagusta's Luscious Commissary
Coffee, tea, soup, plates, zine library. commissary [at] lagustasluscious [dot] com
Last Updated 23 April 2018

New York

21 Grams
I'm a DIY photographer in the NYC area. I'm open to any & all projects, but I generally photograph live shows. If you need band photos or whatever, I'm here 4 u. I'm also currently working on a documentary & I'd love for anyone who's willing to be in it. There's a huge disconnect between creator & audience, where all the focus is placed on the finished product, & none on the process. I want to shift the focus back to the process. But it obviously can't just be my side of things, that's just one story out of thousands. So I need other stories - your story. Get in touch with me if you're interested! lena [at] 21grams [dot] net or 6four6 5eight0 nine812.
Last Updated 25 February 2019

A femme multi instrumentalist/vocalist, producer, and booker based in the Northeast of the USA. Contact: anjalirosemusic [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 22 January 2020

The Fox And King, Inc
We're a DIY music agency based in The Bronx proudly working for and with the local and extended music scene of NYC. We host regular shows for local and touring artists, produce branded media content, collaborate with local businesses, and provide artist development services. Our goal is to empower The Bronx’s music. Contact [at] thefoxandkinginc [dot] com or Instagram DM's @thefoxandking_inc
Last Updated 15 November 2021

TJO Presents
TJO Presents is happy to book your band in in New York City. We mostly book in Brooklyn but have connections in Manhattan and Queens. Open to booking all genres, mostly 21+ but some 18+ or all ages shows. tj [at] tjopresents [dot] com
Last Updated 13 July 2019


Matthew Hall
I book shows up here in very far upstate NY, we are a short drive from Montreal & Burlington, VT, & about two hours from Albany, NY. I can't always help out, but I will do what I can & send you contacts for other folks in the region if I can't set you up myself. I can occasionally do paid gigs at a local bar (performers can be any age, but the shows are 21+). I also am able to do apartment shows from time to time. Unfortunately, I can only do apartment shows for acts that don't use a drum kit. I'm always able to provide some gas money, a meal, & a clean & private place to crash after a gig. mhall12901 [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Updated 13 July 2019


Taking Back Queens
We are a DIY promoting company based out of a church basement. We are the only all-ages DIY venue in Queens. We provide a safe, alcohol/ drug free environment for all to enjoy. Our main priority is keeping the scene alive. If you're a local band or a touring band & will like to play at our home feel free to email us at takingbackqueens [at] gmail [dot] com or or hit us up on our FB (linked above).
Last Updated 15 April 2018


Das Beinhaus
Lair of vampires, demons, and other creatures of the night. Noise, electronic, experimental, dark synth and assorted creepy curios are what we love best. Antifascist, queer, trans, and BIPOC artists always welcome. Email acharistosmusic [at] gmail [dot] com for information.
Last Updated 15 November 2021

Meddlesome Lab
We are an awesome little house doing mostly weird acoustic shows & noise, but we are open to some other more experimental stuff. Basically looking for things that are out of the ordinary. Please no pop punk, metal or hardcore. Watch this video to see a little of what we are about.
Last Updated 13 July 2019

Saranac Lake

Fear No Lit
Fear No Lit is a volunteer-run, unaffiliated literary organization that hosts author events and writing workshops. We don't have a space so we partner with local businesses to reach a broad audience. Writers are welcome to reach out to us at fearnolit [at] gmail [dot] com to brainstorm ideas and we'll do our best to connect you to other resources in town.
Last Updated 27 September 2021


LRS records
Local indie label. We primarily focus on helping bands from around CNY put out their music on vinyl / cassettes / cd / hit-clips / whatever. With that being said, we always love to help touring bands out as much as we can. We won't be able to make every show work, but it's worth a shot to give us a shout. Most shows will be pretty mixed since Syracuse doesn't really have very segregated scenes. Your metal band may play with a ska band. But that'd be fun, right? streets [at] lrsrecords [dot] com
Last Updated 21 February 2017

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