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Where's Neil?

[4 FEB 2019] hi y’all! my name is alyssa giannini (they/them) & i’m thrilled to be taking the reins at dodiy! i’ve been stoked on the site since i first heard about it in 2010 or so, & it helped me get my start booking shows. it’s an honor to maintain such an important & expansive resource, & i’m so thankful for all the hard work neil has put in over the years to keep it alive.

a little background on my diy life: i spent a few solid years booking shows; these days i mostly just attend & play them. i’ve been making zines since 2011 & organizing the olympia zine fest since it’s inception in 2015. if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

[31 JAN 2019] I’m out y’all. Today, I’m officially handing the site over to Alyssa, an extremely badass do-er of lots of things and your new admin. I’ll let them introduce themselves when they’re ready. Thanks for everything y'all do. You’ve all inspired me constantly. It’s been a very worthwhile 12 years. Loads of solidarity and serious love, NEIL

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