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Keeled Scales is a small vinyl record label run by two friends who love music.
Send an email to Crazy Face Tape Duplication
Recording, mixing and mastering by Michael Briggs in Denton, TX
remember the radio
Post an Ad on
It's Going Down
Just Seeds Artists' Cooperative

Other Resources:
Regenesis | Texas Music Office


Biker Gang Booking
We books shows. We do the promoting, create flyers, provide sound and other bands to fill the bill. Our main objective is to expose new music to our city & encourage as much crowd interaction as possible! We are looking to book more touring bands. Lately we've been booking at Mavericks Bar, Division Brewing, & a house venue called the Mozley Mansion. Check out our past show videos on @Bikergangbooking. With touring bands, we normally split the door, and that can be discussed further in detail through contacting us. Email me at or text me 817-980-2165.
Last Updated 08 July 2016


Local Bands:
Noiserock Treehouse

The Audubon Society
We book folk-punk / pop-punk / punk / folk and can offer a place to crash. We are booking a show once a month with some exceptions (such as this March for sxsw).
Last Updated 15 February 2016

GhostCat Lounge
A house that hosts shows once a month or more. We aim to host garage and punk bands that air on the side of melodic and upbeat, but are up for any genre if the right opportunity presents itself. We are flexible and will set up a show any weekend night if the right band emails us. We try to have nice relaxed parties with a solid crowd and good music. We need about three weeks to organize an event, but don't hesitate to email in case we have a bill to jump on, the more the merrier. ghostcatlounge at gmail dot com
Last Updated 26 June 2015

DIY shows and interviews via Twitch live stream (linked above).
Last Updated 25 February 2016

Shirley's Temple
A volunteer run DIY warehouse space. We host shows 7 nights a week. We specialize in throwing shows for punk, hardcore, pop punk, powerviolence, screamo, and grindcore bands but are open to any genre.
Last Updated 25 August 2016


The Art Studio, Inc.
Non-profit art space founded in 1983, showcasing fresh local talent and teaching new musicians the ropes during our monthly Band Nites for over 20 years now. We have an all-ages show on the last Saturday of each month, and offer a little gas money to out of town bands. Any genre, as long as it's all original music.
Last Updated 11 July 2015

The LogOn Cafe
We book shows!! We are a coffee shop during the day and a live music venue at night. We thrive off live music and book every week. Any genre. We support independent and original music and do what we can to keep it alive. Look us up on Facebook (linked above) and leave a message or email me direct at
Last Updated 03 July 2015

Victoria House
Eight years experience booking and promoting various genres of music at multiple venues and small festivals in the area. Performance art welcome. Possibly meager pay, always a comfy place to crash. Thurs through Sunday only. Fun is our priority. Let's be friends!
Last Updated 11 July 2015


Dallas Distortion Music
North Texas-bred & based cassette label, party throwers, and rock n' rollers.
Last Updated 04 July 2015

The Home Dome
I'm Wyatt Rosser and I run a DIY house venue in Oak Cliff (a borough of Dallas). The Home Dome is a creative space that exists to provide diverse music, performance, and visual art to the local community. We focus most frequently on experimental, noise, punk, and avant garde performance art but have and will book nearly any type of music show. The house is also a space where writers and musicians gather and host sessions and workshops free of charge. Contact via FB (linked above).
Last Updated 25 August 2016

King Camel Productions
An independent booking a promotion company. Although I am located in Dallas I book regularly in all of Dallas, Ft Worth and Denton (sometimes Austin too). I've had everyone from true up and comers to Mac Demarco. Doesn't matter the size of the band, just matters if they truly care about their craft. I am artist centric.
Last Updated 03 July 2015

Modern Fuzz
Booking Range: Texas and Contiguous States. Genre: Anything that makes us dance, mosh, bob our heads, or cry. With a DIY spirit.
Last Updated 30 September 2016

Parade of Flesh
For booking shows in Dallas, sometimes Denton & Fort Worth. paradeof AT paradeofflesh DOT com
Last Updated 03 July 2015


Gatsby's Mansion
We are a house venue that can host shows, put up bands for a night, and supply at least one vegan meal during your stay (dinner or breakfast). Genres we are best capable of assisting: punk, emo, screamo, indie rock, math rock, grindcore, hardcore, black metal, psychadelic, and others.
Last Updated 03 July 2015

The Lion's Den
We have a large basement with moderate soundproofing and a PA system. Contact me on facebook (linked above) or I can be contacted easily at as well. We host multiple genres, whether it's hardcore, pop, hiphop, etc. We have a large living room and multiple couches for touring band(s) to stay on.
Last Updated 03 July 2015

Moonshine Shack
We do all ranges of shows and serve vegan food and refreshments for most shows. The recordings are for donation. So if a band wants to do a show and a recording its a pretty stellar time (we usually do the recording the next day or something). xoxionrecordingstudio at gmail dot com. We give donations to the bands usually. Most bands sell merch well at our house shows too. I record bands too. NOTE: Interested in strictly DIY-minded and/or punk artists ONLY. If you were planning to send a press kit or link to a reverbnation account please don't bother emailing us.
Last Updated 15 August 2016

Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios
We are a 250-cap cement factory-converted live music venue and industrial dive bar that has been around since 1997. We are the oldest music venue currently operating in Denton, and we have hosted shows from fresh-faced local bands to big names like Modest Mouse, At the Drive-In, TV on the Radio, + way too many more. We have very diverse taste, and care very much about curation. Drop me (Garrett) a line. If you want me to read your email, put in an unambiguous subject line along with a brief message and your Bandcamp/Soundcloud and (preferably) FB links. rubberglovesbooking[at]gmail[dot]com
Last Update 10 December 2015

Tony's Southern Hospitality
If you are a band coming through Denton, and you are in need of a meal, a place to do laundry, gas money, a place to shower, a place to just relax/take a nap, or whatever else please contact me. of course i don't charge anything, i would just like to serve as a sort of a pitstop for band's on tour to refuel and help them get to their next stop. or text/ call anytime 2154952373
Last Updated 28 November 2015

Fort Worth

1919 Hemphill
a collectively-run, all-volunteer, not-profit, warehouse space. We've been around since September 2002 surviving on (mostly small) donations to keep the doors open for our programs and services. These include maintaining a radical lending library, a 'free store', an alcohol and smoke-free all-ages d.i.y. performance arts space, a documentary film series, and a meeting place for community organizations.
Last Updated 03 July 2015

Sparkle Motion Records
I (Alex) run a DIY distro label focused mostly on folk punk and punk-ish releases. I also book shows occasionally in the area (a couple times a month). If you fit into these genres, I may be able to help you with a DIY show. I usually cannot book when I am on the road with my band, Not Half Bad. If you do not fit into these genres, I probably cannot help you out. Please contact me through Facebook (linked above) or sparklemotionrecords [at] yahoo [dot] com.
Last Updated 03 July 2015

The Syndicate
My names Christopher and my friend Eric and I have been booking around Fort Worth and we know people in Denton. We have house venues, bars, and our local diy club that are willing to work with us. We help out as much as we can with our community, and follow a strict diy ethic! you can message us on facebook, call me 469-531-9604 or email me at If we are unable to find a show for you or your friends, we can most certinly hook you up with someone who may be able to.
Last Updated 03 July 2015


Super Happy Fun Land
experimental electronic music, underground jazz, and outsider art! always looking for unusual performers.
Last Updated 03 July 2015


Kamiposi Art Gallery/Venue
Booking hip hop, jazz, noise, progressive, anything avant garde. Hip Hop artists contact Scott at All others contact Sherrill at
Last Updated 03 July 2015

San Antonio

A non-profit music blog and Youtube Channel featuring posts about artists from a variety of rock sub-genres from all across the globe. Additionally, ProperYarn aims to help local acts, touring artists, promoters, and others within the blossoming music community of San Antonio, Texas by assisting with event coordination, contributing to the sponsorship of shows, and more within a variety of bars and DIY spaces in town. More than willing to get anything going in the areas of psych, surf, garage, punk, mod, pop, doo wop, loofa, shoegaze, synth, new wave, and much more. For more information, send a shout to Ryan Smith at
Last Updated 03 July 2015


Rad Company
Trying to help bring bands I love to East Texas. Interested in all genres. We have multiple options as far as venues go in this area (DIY or otherwise). Please include links to your music and potential dates.
Last Updated 29 July 2016


Stout City
A fictional city found inside Victoria Texas. Victoria/Stout City is known as The Crossroads, and is a great place to stop between Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Our mission is to bring together like minded artists, writers, performers and musicians, to push their craft further, and to document/share their work by distributing it through our record label, print house, art shows, and music shows. We book bar and house shows, and we are known to have diverse lineups that feature live art, spoken word, and live music. We are a passionate and loving bunch, and we do our best to make the bands that come through feel like family. Contact Michael McClanahan at or Brea Danger at or Fritz Keen at or JT Cano at or Clint Chovanec at
Last Updated 21 February 2016

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