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Punks & Criminals: Publicity, Booking, Presence
Electric cello swerves and jumps around beat boxing and electric piano in this Quirky Pop.!!
JE double F
Old tapes and books for sale.


Other Resources:
Humboldt DIY

Breakfast All Day Collective
An arts and music collective based out of Arcata, CA. We strive to provide outlets for music, art, self-expression, activism, and community empowerment. We are here to help the DIY/DIT (Do It Together) community grow and thrive. Our ethics are rooted in Feminist/Anarchist/Queer theories and we strive to promote egalitarian and respectful spaces for community to come together. We love to help touring and local acts with shows. We are open to anyone that wants to be a part of the collective in any way possible, to talent or skills required. BAD Collective is not a physical entity. It started because we love music and art and the people who bring those things into our lives. We make radical beautiful little acts of opposition to the drudgery of lamestream life. Also, we like breakfast.
Last Updated 07 May 2014


Other Resources:
The List | Diy Sf | BAY AREA WTF?!?!???!?!

Garden Shows
Started back in April 2013. They are house concerts where people can come and listen to local and traveling bands. Not only does it give the musicians a unique experience, but it helps them grow as artists and exposes the audience to new tunes. They occur once a month and are continuing to grow as each event passes. Please understand that since these are located outside in a residential area, they are more likely to attract noise complaints and fines and to ensure that those do not occur, I ask for the shows to be completely acoustic events (i.e. no amplification allowed).
Last Updated 13 August 2014

La Peña Cultural Center
A vibrant community cultural center with a national reputation and a global vision that promotes peace, social justice and cultural understanding through the arts, education and social action. As a welcoming gathering place, La Peña provides opportunities for artists to share diverse cultural traditions, to create and perform their work, and to support and interface with diverse social movements. La Peña also host Cafe Valparaiso a Latin American restaurant.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

Longhaul Infoshop
An anarchist resource center and community space. Our goal is to provide the shell for a space that feels alive with people, projects, and ideas. The Infoshop is a combination of a lending library, computer room, zine making space, activist reading room, and a social gathering space. Throughout the year we host a wide array of events which include music, performance art, lectures, film screenings, and much more. If you are interested in putting together an event at the Longhaul, please get in contact with us! NOTE: We unfortunately are unable to host amplified sound anymore.
Last Updated 09 June 2014

Cathedral City

The Coachella Valley Art Scene
A community organization dedicated to developing and promoting art, music and culture in The Coachella Valley. sarah at thecoachellavalleyartscene dot com
Last Updated 03 January 2015

Coachella Valley

Blue Hill Records
Coachella valley diy booking and promotion. Supporting local, nation, and foreign artist. Also operating a label, send us a message at and stay updated on facebook (linked above).
Last Updated 02 May 2014


Other Resources:
KDVS Events

KDVS 90.3 FM
Student/volunteer-run community radio at UC Davis that hosts frequent house shows, in-studio performances, comedy nights and an annual festival in May ( The events coordinator can be contacted at
Last Updated 01 May 2014

El Cerrito

A Do-Nation Based Net-Work of Conscious and Creative Re-Sources with roots in the SF Bay Area and branches spreading across the US. We specialize in Event Coordination and Experience Curation - building bridges between artists and communities and expressing the creative energy in innovative settings. Inclusive to all. We seek to protect and promote the inner voice of the emerging artists but also to help pass the torch of those more established artists we know, love and respect. We know doing it alone is much harder than working within a network of support and guidance. From Sustainable Living to Healing Arts. From Film to Food. We desire to see all dreams grow into fruition ours and yours. And we know we aren't the only ones...Get involved or tell us what you're doing and how we can work together. Looking to display your art? Looking for a venue for your band? Want to showcase your amazing food? Host a community-building event? I Am We Productions can help. Get in touch. Together, everything is possible! CONTACT: bowie at 510-926-2901 / or autumn at 415-532-6403 /
Last Updated 01 May 2014


Other Resources:
Humboldt DIY


Chinatown Youth Center
This space is run by students/musicians/artists/activists & other like minded D.I.Y. people. It is all volunteer based and we mainly host D.I.Y. underground band all ages shows/art shows & certain workshops. We also are very active in our local community and donate some of our proceeds to local charities like Food Not Bombs.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

Fresno D.I.Y. Project
A promotions project that I run to keep the D.I.Y. music scene & lifestyle alive here in Fresno, California. I mainly use it to book D.I.Y. underground bands from all over the world or to host D.I.Y. events. Most if not all the shows/events take place at The C.Y.C. [listed above] which is a D.I.Y. space I volunteer at here in Fresno.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

Nick Terrified Presents...
Booking bands since 2008. I book in Fresno, CA. I have worked with many bands around the U.S. and locally. If you need a show in Fresno and are a touring band, please email
Last Updated 01 May 2014

Pink Teeth DIY
DIY promoter.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

PowerPuff D.I.Y
my name is Summer Caldera. I'm a D.I.Y promoter.
Last Updated 09 April 2015

a terrestrial radio program that airs live every thursday from 10pm-1am on KCSB 91.9FM out of The University of California, Santa Barbara campus. this show is hosted by me, Hoshwa, and anyone else that wants to come help! i play music. i also often have bands play live. 5432fun at gmail dot com
Last Updated 01 May 2014

Biko Co-op Garage
aims to encourage local and independent music by hosting concerts, performance art shows, community activist meetings, etc for the community there which is comprised of mostly UCSB college students. As a student housing co-op, Biko is especially concerned with building community through cooperation, music, and activism. All shows are free/donation only.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

La Jolla

The Che Cafe
an all ages entirely volunteer run, vegan cafe, co-op, and venue thats been helping support the San Diego music and arts scene since 1980.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

La Puente

Bridgetown DIY
An egalitarian safe space for all ages that will provide music, art galleries, activities, film, but more importantly a creative culture for our community. We do not tolerate discrimination; therefore, no sexism, racism, homophobia, violence, or any type of discrimination at all times. This is a sober space, so NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS. We take this rule very seriously, so be aware. Music, art, self-expression, and community empowerment is our main prerogative because we believe that our community deserves better. Consequently, Bridgetown is here to establish the DIY Ethos to our community, and raise awareness of social issues and events for anyone that wants information. We are also open to anyone that wants to be apart of the collective and open our minds with their knowledge. Bridgetown does not belong to anyone because it belongs to everyone. We want all types of "everything" to be here: indie, punk, hardcore, screamo, emo, folk, folk-punk, surf, rock, art, clothes swaps, etc, so contact us! We want you here. Lets rage!
Last Updated 01 May 2014


Punk is Dead
I'm a DIY promoter/festival organizer based in South Cali. I organize an annual all ages DIY punk/metal/hardcore fest under which I also book and promote DIY shows. I book mainly in the Antelope Valley. The venues I mainly book at are the Britisher, which is a 21+ bar and the Lancaster Moose Lodge, which is all ages. I book at the Britisher only on Thursdays and Saturdays. Any day of the week for the Moose Lodge. I am also accepting submissions for my annual festival which will be taking place Halloween weekend in Lancaster, LA, and Riverside. Accepted genres are punk, hardcore, thrash, crust, dbeat, grind, powerviolence, death metal, doom metal, sludge metal, and black metal. The best way for bands to contact me is thru the festival Facebook page (linked above) or thru my email
Last Updated 04 January 2015

Long Beach

The Chestnut House
Quiet-ish all ages houseshows, inside or outside as the seasons dictate.
Last Updated 03 November 2014

Freak Style Booking
DIY/DIT NON-PROFIT ALL AGES Punk / Post Punk / Hardcore / Indie / Folk / Shoegaze / Garage / Psychedelic / Surf / Alternative / Hip Hop + more.
Last Updated 02 May 2014

We book shows.
Last Updated 13 April 2014

Los Angeles

Other Resources:
All Scene Eye

Heavy Gel
Opened in 2012 in Chicago as a community silk screening, art and event space. We moved to LA in 2013, and primarily function as a community print and design studio. We also host workshops, and curate art and music shows around LA. info at heavygel dot com
Last Updated 06 March 2015

The L.A. Fort
We are a DIT (do it together) membership run creative space for arts and education. We love helping touring folks. We believe that each event should be special and that everyone should be treated with respect. We aren't doing live music anymore thanks to the police crack downs but we can still host talks, workshops, craft nights, etc.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

Origami Vinyl
Record store that hosts in-store events ONLY for bands who have a recent release on vinyl. sean at origamiorigami dot com
Last Updated 07 May 2014

An art gallery/space in echo park. also functions as a record label called Pehr label. We host art exhibits and small live music shows.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

A studio and performance laboratory for wild and rigorous experimentation in dance. The space provides a platform for local, national and international artists of all disciplines to explore their distinct and overlapping aesthetics and interests. Located in Lincoln Heights, Pieter’s performances, artist residencies, workshops, classes and subsidized rehearsal space nourish Los Angeles’s artists and support the growth of Los Angeles’s creative community.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

Riot Grrrl Los Angeles
Creating safer spaces for people of color, female bodied & gender queer peoples; Intersectional, sex positive & Trans*-inclusive: Shows, workshops and more. Contact Mars on facebook (linked above) or
Last Updated 31 January 2015


We are a dynamic, friendly house comprised of the following countries: Brazil, India, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Spain, USA. We welcome humans of all ages and music of various sorts. We find bluegrass, classical, folk, jazz, traditional, and world to be especially agreeable. We also enjoy dancing, food, and drink. We have an inside [garage] venue for winter and an outside [yard] venue for summer. We are equi-distant to essentially all major areas in California (Bay Area, Central Valley, SoCal, Yosemite). If you are interested in either performing for or attending a show, the best way to reach us is: cnidariancubozoa[at]gmail[dot]com
Last Updated 26 January 2015


A.H. Art & Music Collective
A music and art group made up of uber oogle aging hipsters inspired by our ancestors like 924 Gilman St. Project, OFF THE AIR, Burnt Ramen, The Plea For Peace Center, and all the other DIY and independent all-ages spaces we grew up with that give art and music a home. We just want to keep the ball rolling in our town while we can. AxHx aims to put on one all-ages show per month, sometimes more, sometimes less, for local and touring independent bands/musicians/artists.
Last Updated 01 May 2014


Other Resources:
The List | Diy Sf | BAY AREA WTF?!?!???!?!

Local Bands:
Adam Balbo


Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts & Happy Valley Cultural Center
The Center is devoted to an expansive approach to the arts, whether with our exhibitions, performances or arts education.
Last Updated 01 May 2014


Penn's Edge
A retail shop and workshop space during the day and music space during the evening hours. Come help and be apart of a new productive project this summer and show your artistic side. For band booking, artist consignment, or other questions, please email us at
Last Updated 02 May 2014


Blood Orange Infoshop
A collective of artists and activists who believe in the transformative potential of Do-It-Yourself culture and radical political intervention. We collaborate to provide a non-commercial space for art exhibits, performances and free education. BOIS is committed to organising a public venue that is non-hierarchical, drug and alcohol free, all-ages, inclusive, and free of oppression.
Last Updated 01 May 2014


Other Resources:

San Diego

QTI Collective
A SoCal DIY queer/trans/intersex collective formed to foster community independent of the dominating "gay capitali$m" ethos infiltrating the LGBTQIA+ community. Priorities include offering mental health support groups for qti folks, creating events that empower qti youth, reclaiming the diy punk scene from white cishetero dudebros, and publishing/distributing zines to help educate and to showcase qti art.
Last Updated 08 April 2015

San Francisco

Other Resources:
The List | Diy Sf | BAY AREA WTF?!?!???!?!

Fortress Callosum
We have a comfy little warehouse space near San Francisco Civic Center where we rehearse, make giant puppets, and host shows about once a month. To make sure that the shows are worthwhile, we will find a suitable local band to play with you. Audiences are quiet and attentive, and the rooms sound best with acoustic-only or lightly-amplified music. We are always very excited to host performance art / puppetry!
Last Updated 30 April 2014

I put on a bi-yearly free, all ages outdoors generator show called FuckFest. Im always looking for outta state bands to play this and other shows i put on. ffbooking420 at gmail dot com
Last Updated 14 March 2015

Godwaffle Noise Pancakes
booking tablecore, harshnoise, experimental, munchjaz, and brutalsoundeffects. if you want a show post/ on brutalsfx yahoo bored with a mp3 link or send to: godwafflenoise c/o brutalsfx, p o b 2540, berk, ca 94702
Last Updated 01 May 2014

The Sylvan Annex
I book intimate house shows once or twice a month for touring acts in the attic of The Sylvan Annex in San Francisco's Richmond District. There's no noise restrictions, other than those of common decency when you're in a tiny room. Through my band The Yellow Dress I also have a number of other venue connections diy and otherwise, and often have a fest or something else in the works. I'm always happy to try and find something for likeminded folks! Contact me through the Sylvan House facebook page [linked above] or email me at dpweiss (at) gmail (dot) com. ON HIATUS FOR FALL 2014, but we'll be back in December 2014!
Last Updated 01 May 2014

San Luis Obispo

We are the local college radio station and offer opportunities for on-air performances and interviews. If you want to do an in-studio performance or interview please send your information to for consideration.
Last Updated 06 November 2014

we are a small group of people that have been booking shows since 2007. we are in the process of having a legally sanctioned all ages venue and mainly book at houses. at the house shows all donations go to the bands but at the warehouse we ask that the bands donate a part of the door charge for rent. diysanluisobispo@gmail
Last Updated 01 May 2014

Santa Ana

Unit B
Unit B is, unfortunately, closed indefinitely. However, the community that sprouted around Unit B is strong and will return with a newer, better, still DIY version by end of summer. In the meantime, please try these awesome places in Southern California: Bridgetown DIY in La Puente, The Dial in Murrieta, The Fort in LA, Maya's Cafe in Corona, Aladdin Jr in Pomona, Blood Orange Info Shop in Riverside, The Smell in LA. If you need any help booking, Mark from Unit B can still help you, please email him at, and updates on the new location will be posted on the facebook page (linked above).
Last Updated 02 May 2014

Santa Barbara

Other Resources:

A DIY music + performance art space. We are an all-ages space that is entirely family friendly. We are attached to a batting cage so along with the music space, we also have baseball and softball batting, ping-pong and foosball. It's a beautiful space about a black from the beach.
Last Updated 10 October 2014

Santa Monica

Almost Holden Collection (AHC)
A multimedia studio/gallery dedicated to facilitating and presenting audio, visual and print collaborations by independent artists. We offer great studio rental prices, provide opportunities for artists of different mediums to interact, collaborate and workshop amongst each other, and our events and classes are the most exciting thing happening in DIY/DIT on the westside. Contact us through our website (linked above), at or
Last Updated 15 June 2014

Van Nuys

Take Off
A multipurpose art/music space located 30 minutes N of Downtown LA. During the day T/O is a store front that carries one of a kind,hand picked records/zines/books/apparel/and other various items having to do with music/art/skatboarding. We also host live music from 9pm-12 weekly.
Last Updated 01 May 2014

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